Music and Band Photography

Are you looking for affordable Music and Band Photography in Las Vegas?  Shy McGrath also specializes in band photography, concert photography and band promo pictures. Shy has taken photos of hundreds of local acts, national groups and international bands over the years working with some of the largest names in music. With her photography she has captured nearly every style of music at many of the most popular venues in Las Vegas. If you are an artist based in the Las Vegas or a band that will be touring and need Band Photography in Las Vegas, we can help you. Get your music career looking great with a professional promo picture, concert photography, or group photo by Shy McGrath Las Vegas Band Photography.

We offer a wide range of Music and Band Photography services that include the following:

-Live concert photography
-Band promo photography
-Artist head shot photography
-Album artwork photography

Las Vegas Photographer for Music, Fashion, and Modeling

Shy McGrath began her career in Photography over 12 years ago specializing in live band / live performance photography hired by magazines.  Her work has been featured in numerous magazines, hotels, venues and galleries around the United States.  We can also create images for band members that grab the attention of the viewer.  Contact us today to see how we can help you get the right pictures that make you look great and capture the look and feel of your music. We understand that in the music business your image is everything and to create that image you will need a professional band photographer. We can help any musician, band or a solo artist portraits look amazing. Our music photography service is diverse and experienced enough to ensure that you have the quality images you want and need.  We have specialized in music photography for over 12 years, it can be live on stage or in a studio environment. If you are looking for the best celebrity Music Photographers in Las Vegas look no further because we can give you the images you want and need to capture your concerts or promo materials. Call or email us today to discuss what options we have available.

Las Vegas Video Production for Music, Fashion, and Modeling

Are you ready to make a music video? We can help you produce a promo video or a completed music video. Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and we will work hard to make sure that you always look amazing.


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